EUREX SL offers you a wide range of items selected and tested by demanding customers worldwide

We offer Brevetti Stendalto’s excellent cable chains, in steel and nylon, as well as their cables and hoses for energy transmission. We also put at your disposal the rotary unions, clamping tools and other products from the prestigious OTT-JAKOB. T RACE’s linear and telescopic lines are also available to our customers, as well as HEMA’s protection systems and their way wipers. And in case that you need enlightenment, FKB Techmalux’s lighting systems will be your best option. And last, but not least, we have AMU Princigialli’s machine tools leveling elements.

Back in 1968, an idea changed forever the world of cable chains. Brevetti Stendalto was the first company to produce a nylon cable chain as a more economical and flexible alternative to steel chains. That product also became an inspiration for competitors. And it is so that Brevetti Stendalto’s cable chains, with its famous yellow plug, are nowadays known and imitated all over the world.

Today, after almost fifty years of industrial development, Brevetti Stendalto remains as a reference company. Its wide range of products can satisfy any requirement and any need wherever a cable chain is used.

In order to be closer to the customers needs, Brevetti Stendalto offers a complete system of chains, cables and connectors, a service that represents guarantee and savings, called “total chain system”.

Eurex SL is the proudly exclusive representative and distributor of Brevetti Stendalto in Spain and Portugal. 

The history of the OTT-JAKOB company dates back to 1873, when Albert Ott founded an institute for mathematicians and mechanics in Kempten. By participating in the world expos, both in Melbourne in 1880 and in Chicago in 1893, Albert Ott demonstrated, ahead of his time, that the development of global markets is a decisive factor for lasting growth. In 1974 the company achieved the first clamping tool, a product with a successful story which consistently continues to this day.


OTT-JAKOB is among the world’s leading manufacturers of tool clamping systems for machine tools. Their accumulated experience in the sector and their extensive technological knowledge allows them to offer excellent technical solutions with constant quality to guarantee a great product and an after-sales service for many years. At OTT-JAKOB they call it “Long-life Clamping Technology”.

Since 1977, HEMA has been designing and manufacturing high-quality machine protection systems. HEMA started out as a small company and has grown in recent decades to become a globally active company

The experience accumulated in more than 40 years developing and manufacturing protection systems for machines proves both the quality of its products and its services and the satisfaction shown by its customers.

Today, HEMA offers a broad portfolio of protection, clamping and braking systems as well as viewing systems around the production machine. In addition to bellows, HEMA offers complete rear wall systems and roof covers, telescopic steel covers as well as machine safety windows, LED lighting systems and hygienic products.

DetasUltra is the new subdivision of the Italian group Detas SpA, a group specialized in power electronics applied to various sectors. At EUREX we are distributors of DETASULTRA in Spain.

DetasUltra was born in 2019 after a very long experience in cable management technology in switchboards and, in general, in electrical and electronic equipment.

The DES (Detas Entry System) solution was thus created, conceived to simplify the use of cables – especially those already routed – in switchboards and electrical equipment, thus improving the reference performance (such as watertightness, anti-shrinkage, etc.) and, above all, thus minimizing the number of models to reduce costs.

The DES solution has been designed, developed and patented entirely in Italy thanks to the national technical expertise in thermoplastic products and production equipment. Attention to every detail regarding product processing and the choice of the production line -which make it possible for DetasUltra products to be oriented towards maximum reliability- customization and the best price on the market all stand out in the DetasUltra catalogue.

FKB offers the best solutions when you need to securely hold pipes and hoses or precisely illuminate machines and workplaces. Since 1976, their focus has been on high-quality fastening technology, producing RSB® brand tube clamps and lighting technology to meet each customer’s particular needs in the form of machine lamps for machinery under the brand named TECHMALUX®.

FKB machine lamp and block clamps set the standard in highly demanding applications such as the related with offshore wind power, train construction, oil, gas and mining facilities, as well as agricultural machinery, machine tools, lifting platforms and urban furniture.

AMU Princigalli SRL operates since 1968 in the machine tool sector, providing the best advice for the solution of problems related to the field of machine tool manufacturers, inspectors, installers and maintenance technicians.

AMU offers its customers anchoring and leveling elements for machinery of proven quality backed by more than 45 years of activity in the industrial sector.

Founded in Italy in 1952, Cabur quickly conquered the role of leader amongst the national manufacturers of terminal blocks for electrical panels, always paying particular attention to the needs of installers and to cutting-edge technological solutions.

Today the company develops and manufactures a wide range of products for the electrotechnical and electronic industry which are renowned for their reliability even in extreme conditions of use.

The current production is the result of the many years of experience gained by Cabur as a partner of the main national bodies and companies, perfected through actions and collaborations abroad and includes:

  • Connections for electrical panels
  • Automation and control solutions
  • Industrial marking systems
  • Solutions for the energy transition

The wide and diversified offer guarantees a level of flexibility and unique ability to find solutions tailored to specific needs, which enables us to respond to the most varied and complex installation needs.

Always oriented towards the improvement of its products, in recent years Cabur has responded to the Industry 4.0 project with the expansion of production facilities and important product innovations.

In pursuing a corporate culture based on Total Quality, Cabur has adopted the main European directives of the reference market and collaborates with the most prestigious national and foreign Institutes and Laboratories.

Its products are the result of qualitative choices of particular relevance in the field of raw materials used that, in addition to providing an ample guarantee of functionality and reliability over time, also work in full compliance with all the Norms, Regulations, Laws and applicable requirements, binding and self-adopted, with full satisfaction of all compliance obligations.

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